Contactless Payment Wearable Valentine Gift Guide 2021

Better Than a Card: K-pay Wearables are The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. We’re now in February with 50+ tabs open on Amazon, paralysed by choices. Shopping for Valentine’s Day can be a nightmare for even the most thoughtful of us, and current circumstances certainly haven’t made it any easier this year. You’re likely still frantically searching for a gift as you read this. Maybe you’re even considering giving up the search, throwing some cash in a card, grabbing some flowers and calling it a day. However, here at K-pay, we offer gifts at multiple price ranges to suit a variety of lifestyles. A gift that keeps on giving, and a gift that is certainly better than a card of both the debit and Valentine’s varieties. Intrigued? Read on to find out why our K-pay contactless payment wearables are the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.


Contactless Payment Made Safe and Fashionable

Our K-pay contactless payment fobs, pendants and bracelets combine the latest payment tech with modern and timeless fashion, in an array of colour combinations. Using a K-pay wearable is not only the effortless and fashionable way to pay, but also the safer way to pay. As you don’t have to touch a handbag, wallet, debit card or phone to make a payment, you just tap and go, paying in style with speed. K-pay contactless wearables are the perfect gift for anyone with a keen eye for tech or style, from the biggest geeks to the intrepid influencer.


Contactless Payment Designed for Her

Choosing gifts for the women in our life is always a hurdle, but K-pay helps you get over it. Our Paris contactless payment bracelet captures the timeless art deco style with its gorgeous pearl bead stretch strap, precious resin and sterling silver design. We’d recommend the elegant Paris shell / cream rose style for a gift that will truly wow.

For a more understated, but undoubtedly eye-catching look, we’d recommend our Milan contactless payment wearable. The ocean / blue look is perfect for the spring season and with its leather strap and white Swarovski crystals set in sterling silver, this contactless payment wearable is a gift that will astonish.

And not forgetting those who would rather wear a pendant than a bracelet, we recommend the Vienna Ocean. This beautiful pendant, which comes on a 1metre ball chain, sparkles with Swarovski crystals and is an eye-catching way to pay.


Contactless Payment Designed for Him

For the man who loves gadgets and may think he’s up to date with all thing’s tech, then why not surprise him with the all-round wonder Monaco payment bracelet.  The eye-catching Monaco says style and sophistication, with its modern and minimalist look and is perfect for all day wear, from sports through to the office and a night out. With a choice of 4 colours, and set in striking matt brass with a water-resistant rubber strap this versatile payment bracelet is perfect for the tech lover in your life.

If a key fob is more suitable, then the New York, that comes in a selection of colours, is the perfect gift. They can add it to their house keys or car keys and they’ll always be ready to make a payment, safer and faster.


Contactless Payment Designed for Hobbies

If you have a partner who love the outdoors, then we have the perfect solution. Take cyclists for example, you’ve no doubt heard a myriad of comfort complaints, chief among them being the bulk of a wallet when you’re wearing Lycra. Imagine then if you could give them a way to make payments with the simple flick of the wrist. Our Oxford range of payment bracelets is built with extra screws, solid cast bars and brass plating for rugged durability in a lightweight form factor that’s ideal for cycling. The Oxford is available in a selection of colourways, and there’s even the opportunity to purchase additional straps – so you could have one look for when you’re out and about, and one look for the office and evening. The sleek and speedy looking Oxford black/black is still one of our bestselling colourways.

We also offer the versatile Mavericks straptag that can either be put onto your key fob, or worn around your wrist, when you put it onto a strap or bracelet of your choice. Incredibly lightweight, durable, sweat proof and water resistant, makes the Mavericks the perfect choice for runners, joggers, or everyday go-getters to make faster payments in their fast lives.

Contactless Payment Bestsellers

Still not sure what to pick? Check out our bestselling wearables for some guidance and if you still can’t decide we also offer a range of gift cards, allowing them to choose the perfect wearable for themselves.

Oh, and whilst you’re looking, don’t forget to treat yourself to a K-pay wearable this Valentine’s Day too, self-love is important after all!!

So for quality contactless payment wearables in a variety of colours that will be the highlight of any Valentine’s, check out our range today.

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