How K-pay Blends Style and Technology

Nowadays, tech isn’t just about the function, it’s about lifestyle and fashion. K-pay’s contactless payment wearables deliver the latest in payment technology, in timeless, fashionable jewellery, which improves your lifestyle. Read on to find out more about three of the K-pay range.

Milan Contactless Payment Bracelet

Our Milan style bracelet is a perfect example of our synergy between form and function. Based on the elegance of Italy’s most fashionable city, this intricate bracelet matches technological simplicity with intricate jewelling – making payment as simple as one (good-looking) flick of the wrist. The comfortable strap is made of genuine leather with a suede liner. The contactless device is protected by durable precious resin incorporating a fleur pattern. This beautiful pattern work is accented wonderfully with genuine sterling silver embedded with authentic Swarovski crystals. The craftsmanship we put into our K-pay contactless wearables is unparalleled and ensures a timeless quality.

Paris Contactless Payment Bracelet

For the romantic, who likes to flirt with the latest innovations, we offer the Paris bracelet. Alongside the sixty-two authentic Swarovski crystals and genuine sterling silver – this bracelet captures the essence of Parisian design, with art-deco engravings within the precious resin that holds your contactless device. The Swarovski beaded design of the wrist-strap brings a luxurious look to the bracelet – and provides a snug and secure fit. For those who like to make a statement wherever they go and are tired of bulky wallets and purses, the Paris is the perfect choice.

Vienna Contactless Payment Pendant

If you prefer a free wrist, our contactless pendant may just be the wearable tech you’re looking for. The payment wearable comes on a 1 metre ball chain, with the contactless device encased in our fleur design precious resin and sterling silver (hallmarked 925). This pendant keeps an understated look, with the gentle glimmer of the genuine Swarovski crystals catching the eye. This wearable is subtle and lightweight, with the endurance and modernity you need for a reliable and ingenious payment experience. Overall, if you want the ultimate minimalist payment experience – but aren’t afraid to show off – this item is worth every penny.

As you can see, our contactless wearables are not only iconic in style, but also provide a function that improves our everyday life. Whilst intricate in design, our wearables are simple to set up and quick and easy to use – just tap and go.

We’ll highlight the rest of the K-pay range in the next blog, but for now you can view the rest of our range here . Our eye-catching wearables meet all tastes and budgets, so you too can pay in style with K-pay, where lifestyle, fashion and payment technology are fused together.



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