How K-Pay helps protect you from COVID-19

How K-pay keeps you safer from COVID-19

2020 has thrust us into a new decade and an unprecedented era. The current crisis we face requires changes to habits and new ways of thinking. Payment is one of the most common hand-to-hand interactions, and it can be difficult to remain hygienic in areas such as pubs and shops when it comes time to pay. Here are just a few ways K-pay’s wearable contactless payment wearables can help keep you safe.

According to a 2014 study by Mastercard, many Europeans believe that handling cash, bank notes or coins is a dirty practice. In fact, nearly two-thirds of Europeans believe that cash is dirtier than public transport, door handles, communal food and vending machines. 98% also say we would change our lifestyle to become more hygienic, with the majority of Europeans saying they use card or contactless payment over cash in order to be more hygienic. Our K-pay wearables take hygiene to an even safer level. There’s no touching the same keypad as anyone else or even touching your card. Just a flick of the wrist and your payment is made.

It can be quite difficult for people to let go of cash, even when you’re focussed on hygiene. According to psychologist Donna Lawson in the same 2014 study, cash is commonly viewed, by most people, as a positive item. It is therefore hard for people to make and keep any negative associations with money. So, the idea that there are “germs” on bank notes and coins – germs that might hurt us – is not an idea that registers. We may recognise that money collects germs, but we do not connect disease or illness to the handling of money. Because of this we often ignore any “social taboo” that might come with passing on cash full of germs. It is similar to the initial reaction some had to lockdown. The germs in the air we breathe or in the water that we drink – we can’t see them, therefore we have no control over them. And why worry about something over which we have no control?

Luckily, with K-pay there’s no need to consider. Contactless payments completely replace physical notes, with no risk to monetary safety. Our wearables can easily be wiped down after use, just like a watch or any other piece of jewellery.

40% of those surveyed by Mastercard recognised that they had no control over who handled their money before them. As a consequence, try not to worry about the things that they can’t control (such as the 38% surveyed who claim to “never think about it”). That’s why a wearable payment device is a very safe precaution. Someone may touch your phone, someone’s definitely touched your money, and when’s the last time you cleaned your payment card after paying?

K-pay is safe for both hygiene and bank accounts. Our wearables are hypoallergenic and easily cleaned, and come with the same fraud protection as your bank card. For this new generation of payment, perfect for the modern world- try K-pay today.



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