Woman paying for some chocolate with a K-pay New York contactless payment keyfob,

Never without cash

I was brought up to ensure that I always had some cash on me … just in case of emergencies. And I really loved the idea of payment wearables and them always having ‘cash’ on them, ready to pay. As I wear very little jewellery, I had been on the look out for a good looking payment wearable and loved the design of  the K-pay keyfob. As soon as I received it, I set it up on the Pingit app and attached the fob onto the keyring with my house keys (as I always have them on me). And now I’m never without cash – even when I leave my cards, wallet or phone at home. It’s just so quick and easy to pay for everything, particularly as everywhere is now wanting us to pay using contactless. Thank you K-pay.

(Here’s my keyfob in action – treating myself to some Hotel Chocolat chocolate caramel buttons… before lockdown!)


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