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Design Led Wearables

K-pay combines the convenience and security of contactless payments with truly wearable design-led jewellery. From product design and manufacture through to a relevant payment programme, K-pay offers your business an easy entry into the contactless payment world. With the option to white label our existing, certified, designs or have a bespoke design produced, we have the solution for your business that will put you ahead of your competitors.

Partner With K-Pay

With a third-generation master jeweller, many years’ experience of working with NFC and a granted patent portfolio for NFC in jewellery, we have both the experience and the expertise. Combine this with having successfully mastered the complexities of compliance and collaborating with an ecosystem of payment businesses, we offer a one-stop-shop for payment wearables.

More Than Payments

K-pay jewellery can also, literally, open the door to other uses for the wearable. From access and event control, through to travel, loyalty programmes and an innovative way to communicate with your customers, we can look to integrate your existing applications or look to provide a new solution, into our K-pay jewellery.

Benefits For Your Business

★  Quick entry to the dynamic, contactless payment arena with patent-protected wearables
★  White label certified designs – logos and colours
★  Ease of use – no charging required, no passwords – just one-touch activation for other applications
★  Increased customer confidence increases profit potential
★  Increased traction and market share for your brand
★  Competitive edge in a busy market place
★  Potential new revenue streams
★  The ability to send personalised brand messaging and notifications to your consumers
★  Increased consumer perception of your brand being market leaders at the cutting edge of new technological advances
★ A patented technology with licencing opportunities

Is Your Business Looking To Enter The Contactless Payment Wearables Market?

We’ve spent years developing technology that can help brands like yours do just that. To take advantage of our pioneering payment jewellery and to explore new markets and opportunities call us today.

For enquiries, please contact our Head Office:

Fiona Cartwright at fiona@kiroco.co.uk

For US enquiries, please contact:

Allyson Sackman Nick at allyson@kiroco.us