Gift of Safety: K-pay Contactless Wearables

The Gift of Safety: 2nd Lockdown Gift Guide

Now that we’re in a second lockdown, planning Christmas gifts just became a whole lot more difficult and stressful. Even in these times fashion is still important and it now has a purpose– just look at all the design led face masks you see day to day!! So for the perfect lockdown gift that is as gorgeous as it is practical, look no further than our contactless payment wearables here at K-pay. Read on to learn about the major benefits of this on-trend gift.

1.      Safe, hygienic contactless payments

Cash is no longer king, as it is transferred between thousands upon thousands, if not millions, of hands in its lifetime. That’s why your local coffee shop would rather you pay using contactless now. Of course, Chip and PIN machines aren’t exactly clean either – who knows how many hands have touched those buttons? So for safe, clean payments with a flick of a wrist, our contactless payment bracelets, like the Monaco, are the perfect way to pay in style. Easily wipeable, ruggedly reliable and available in a variety of colour palettes: K-pay wearables bring the gifts of fashion and safety that are perfect for this unique winter season.

2.      Unique styles for contactless payment fobs and bracelets

At K-pay we are on a mission to provide the latest innovations in payment technology and the cutting-edge of fashion so you can pay safe and look good doing it. We offer a variety of styles and form factors that allow you to tailor your gift to suit anyone.

Buying for a keen runner or cyclist? No problem! We offer the Mavericks straptag and the Oxford bracelet. The Mavericks is super lightweight and can be fitted on to key rings or looped through bracelets for an ultra-versatile and minimalist payment experience. If your friend would prefer a wearable to take them from their sporting activities through to the office, the Oxford contactless payment bracelet has a durable design that will keep you paying no matter what modern life puts you through.

Is your friend a mum by day and fashionista by night – always displaying the cutting-edge of fashion on every Facebook and Insta post? Then look no further than the Paris or Milan contactless payment bracelets, named after their namesake city of fashion. The Paris Ocean / Midnight Blue bracelet is all the rage, and when combined with timeless sterling silver, sparkling Swarovski crystals and pearls on top of the latest payment technology – the smile on their face will be a glow-up like no other! And the Milan Flint / Grey bracelet blends with winter palettes and is the stylish way to pay.

3.      The Power of Pingit

K-pay contactless payment wearables are powered by Pingit. This comprehensive and intuitive smartphone app is packed to the brim with essential features to manage your account and keep on top of your day to day spending during the second lockdown. The Pingit app allows you to separate funds into jars for easy tracking, allowing you to control spending on your morning coffee and Christmas gifts whilst keeping your New Year’s gym membership funds intact. Alongside this, Pingit allows you to give to those who need it most during these times with charity and fundraising support built right into the app. So give the gift of giving, this Christmas with K-pay.


Buy Contactless Wearables Today

As you can see, K-pay contactless payment wearables are the perfect gifts for Christmas. Combine fashion, safety and powerful payment features into one and give the gift of payments with a flick of the wrist to your friends and family. Shop our range today, or purchase a gift card, and get ready for Christmas!

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