What is Pingit?

All of our Contactless Payment Wearables are powered by Pingit platform to allow you to make easy, payments with a flick of the wrist. In this post, we’ll go through what Pingit is and how it helps us help you make simple and safe purchases.


First of all, in order to use Pingit (and therefore your K-pay wearable), you must register for a Pingit account in the Pingit App available on android and apple devices. To register for an account, you must be 16 or older, have a current account in the UK and be a resident of the UK, the Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey. From there, follow the simple steps available in our FAQ to register your device

The Basics

Pingit is the mobile payment platform owned by Barclays, with support for personal account holders from 16 and above.  The Pingit service allows for near-instantaneous transfer and payment for everyone, regardless if they’re a Barclay’s customer or not. Pingit allows for contactless payments, wherever you see the contactless symbol, in the same vein as a contactless card – and is also compatible with the Paym platform.


With Pingit, our wearables are a simple to use payment method, and with the flick of a wrist or the tap of a pendant.  There are also a lot of other great features to Pingit. You can also make money transfers using just a phone number– rather than needing a person’s account details.

The Pingit ‘Jars’ feature allows funds to be separated into convenient segments, so you can use Pingit for your daily spending such as this months’ rent, shopping or travel budget.

Pingit also makes donating to charity hassle-free, with its simple-to-setup fundraising system. Pingit helps yourself and others to make a real impact on the causes which need it the most, with 100% of funds raised going towards charity.


The Pingit app has been awarded The British Standards Institute international ISO 27001 certification for security and resilience and The British Standards Institute Kitemark for Secure Digital Transactions, serving as a shining example of user security. The app is protected with a 5-digit password or fingerprint recognition, on a compatible device, and all payments and transfers are held to the same security standards of a regular banking account. And the contactless transactions are safe and secure as covered by the same fraud protection as Chip and PIN.”

As you can see, the Pingit not only powers your K-pay device, it also brings the latest banking innovations and industry-leading features right to your fingertips. For a new kind of payment experience, buy one of our stylish contactless wearables today and harness the power of Pingit combined with our revolutionary, safer and faster, contactless payment experience.

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