Worldwide Wearables: A Style Guide

We mentioned in our prior article that there were a few of our range we’d like to discuss more in-depth. We believe in representing world culture through our contactless payment wearables. In this post, we’ll explore our New York, Oxford and Mavericks collections of contactless payment fobs and wearables, to help you decide which one of our global styles suits you best, so you can begin paying with just a tap.

New York Contactless Payment Key Fob / Pendant

Our New York key fobs are designed with the bustling metropolis in mind. These payment fobs are efficient and pragmatic, with a funky artistic flair – which has truly been brought to the forefront with our newly, launched autumnal colours. This elegant fob is made of solid, rhodium-plated brass in a matt finish, for a minimalist and durable design. The precious resin that houses your contactless payment chip has a hard-wearing matrix design that catches the attention whilst remaining understated for everyday use. The New York comes with both 20mm and 6mm metal split ring, to either serve as a keyring or fit onto your current keys. Additionally, a 1 metre chain can also be purchased to make this piece into a pendant.This is the perfect item for the go-getting city-type who wants to free up space in their back pocket. No more wallet, just one fashionable seamless payment experience; now available in ocean, flint, shell and khaki colours.

Oxford Contactless Payment Bracelet

For the perfect balance of style and function in an intelligent form factor, look no further than the Oxford bracelet. This powerful contactless wearable is sensible and sophisticated – just like Oxford. Its solid rhodium-plated brass casing is supported by solid cast bars and screws for a hardwearing design. The one-piece nylon strap is lightweight, comfortable and pragmatic, and adds a splash of colour to the design with our brand new autumnal colour waves. We have a multitude of colour combinations, from the monochrome class of khaki/khaki to the gorgeous duality of shell/blue. Straps are easily interchangeable and purchasable on our site, allowing you to make life more colourful.  Be conservative during the day with khaki / khaki and then liven it for weekends and sport with a splash of colour from the orange / khaki or blue / khaki. Make an intelligent decision and make payments oxford-style today.

Mavericks Contactless Payment Straptag

For the nomad who never settles down, and needs quick easy payments no matter what, we recommend the Mavericks. This utilitarian straptag comes with all of the features of our contactless payment fobs and wearables, with an economic price and infinite customizability.  This payment fob is ready to take in any challenge across the globe, with built-in water and sweat resistance. Throw this on your keys, a strap or anything you desire and embrace contactless payments today.


As you can see, our contactless payment wearables come in a variety of designs, carefully considered to capture timeless iconic trends and styles that accentuate our innovative products. For the best quality contactless payment fobs and other wearables, shop with us at K-pay today.

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